About KAMA bar feeder

DMA Lidköping AB develops, manufactures, and sells its own products for bar handling, the KAMA bar feeder. Our standard bar feeders are designed for CNC lathes for the various brands available on the market. DMA's bar feeders are equipped with a bundle handling system as standard, for 1 ton bundle weight, which can be easily filled with new bar material via cart, cassette, or overhead crane. DMA's bar feeder equipment does not use oil for bar centering, making it a very environmentally and operator-friendly feeder. DMA also provides add-on feeders with bundle handling systems for various feeder brands for NC lathes, as well as feeders with manual bar loading.

The company also provides bar feeders with bundle handling or add-on feeders for various rotary table machines or saws. These products are sold either directly to end customers by DMA or through resellers.

Need for special solutions?

DMA also designs and develops various types of special feeders and handling solutions for bar material, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a need for this.

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