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We are your first choice when it comes to design, manufacturing, and assembly. Our focus is on developing special or prototype machines, including CE marking, test equipment, casting tools, and fixtures. We also perform machine calculations and consulting assignments in areas such as project management and mechanical design.

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Idea & Solution

We have a solid professional experience in developing ideas and solutions for the Swedish industry with activities in the manufacturing, automotive, assembly, and food sectors, both as designers or project managers with overall responsibility for equipment installation


We undertake assignments in areas such as project management, special machinery, test equipment, fixtures, mechanical calculations, CE analysis, and of course, also provide design assistance during temporary workload peaks


Do you need to quickly produce prototypes? We have 3D printers for various plastic materials with a working area of 30x20x30cm, 14.5×14.5×17.5cm and 30x30x61cm. If larger prototypes are needed, the object can be divided into several parts

Special purpose machinery

We specialize in special purpose machinery and over the years, we have acquired extensive expertise in many areas.

















KAMA bar feeder

We develop, manufacture, and sell our own products for bar handling. Our standard magazines are intended for CNC lathes for the common brands on the market.

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